It is a infrastructure for create a Complementary Economic Network, it is a Free Software that implements and manages a DIGITAL MUTUAL CREDIT CURRENCY that works on Telegram.

EcoPZ materializes: La Otra Bolsa de Valores.

Create New Network

  1. Create bot in Telegram with Bot Father
    (more information)
  2. Download Source Code
  3. Update BOT_TOKEN in
  4. To install: pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. To manage: python
    (enter users and products)
  6. Run bot: python

Source Code »


  • There is no tax charge.
  • Does not allow usury or speculation
  • Availability of interest-free loans.
  • The money does not leave the community.
  • Full transparency of all transactions.
  • You can check the integrity of the system in real time.
  • The money supply expands or contracts without the need for a regulatory entity.
  • Free Software, which allows it to be used in other networks.


Exchange Currency: described by Silvio Gesell in 1916, in his work entitled: The Natural Economic Order. This currency cannot be accumulated since it oxidizes, in other words its value decreases by 1% per month, this characteristic stimulates its circulation by activating the economy.

Mutual Credit: it is a type of Exchange Currency, in which all debt is converted into income for other members of the network. The sum total of all balances is zero.

EcoPZ Community

  • Value: 1 ecopz = 1 crc
  • On the 1st of each month, positive and non-moving balances are oxidized (idle balance * 1%).
  • New members can have a negative balance after 6 months of starting.
  • Negative limit increase must be approved by the network (eg project financing).
  • Meetings, negative balances and other decisions will be made in the EcoPZ Assembly.